The Way to Wealth on Clickbank



As is true in any marketplace, the potential for money-making is diverse and always new in a place where merchants and buyers are always coming together to negotiate and make deals happen. So as an entrepreneur it’s a good idea to have a fix on the various approaches to profitability in what is the largest internet marketplace in the world – Clickbank.


Clickbank at any given time represents over 10,000 products that any affiliate with the proper Clickbank account can promote and sell.

So by becoming an affiliate, that huge catalog is entirely at your disposal to sell without the need for you to request permission or any formality whatsoever.

This is the Clickbank agreement with the sellers which is one of the real secrets to success in the marketplace.


Signing up to become an affiliate on Clickbank is shockingly easy and you can have an account. Simply log into and step through the process in a matter of moments.

And you are ready to go. Now just proceed to the products catalog and work through the categories to find the niche you want to promote and the products that you feel have the best potential for profits.

Next to selling as an affiliate, putting your own products into the Clickbank marketplace is an outstanding means to make big money.

And setting up a product is almost as easy as becoming an affiliate. Your merchant account on Clickbank is a one time fee of $50 which you can make back quickly on the sale of one product that moves well. And the economy of Clickbank is you can sell 50 products at a time from the same account for that same setup fee.

You are sure to make at least $1 per product to pay back that set up fee.


Once you get your products set up and some sales logged, there is an army of over 150,000 marketers really to take your product and get it out there into the sale stream.

That means that after you do the basic set up steps, you are out of the internet marketing game and you can hand off that little problem to experts who are skilled at selling literally thousands of units of your product.

You don’t have to do a thing. Just set a commission level which is a percentage the affiliate will make for his hard work and then just sit back and let that army of skilled internet marketers do their stuff. The money can just roll in while you focus on creating new products.

Of course, you can get proactive and not wait for strangers to promote your product.

If you have a sales team, put them to work as Clickbank affiliates and they can focus exclusively on your products.


Clickbank provides their outstanding marketplace structure and one of the best-run merchant accounts on the internet to assure your money is collected and accounted for correctly and safely and delivered to you on time.

There are other ways to pick up additional revenue as Clickbank rewards any kind of behavior that benefits the market. If you send Clickbank customers of the service itself, that referral gets a reward. There are also specialty Clickbank promotional concepts being created and promoted all the time like the Clickbank storefront.

So keep your eye on the Clickbank newsletters and “What’s New?” web pages because it is such a fast-moving marketplace that you may find a new moneymaking opportunity out there ready for you to jump into and pull yet more profits your way through Clickbank.



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Some Seriously Profitable Clickbank Tips


The “buzz” about Clickbank could convince you that you can virtually fall backward into money using this service. And while Clickbank does do all it can to make the major functions of buying and selling easy to do, it does take some savvy to know the insider tips to really make big money in this marketplace.

There is no disputing that Clickbank is the largest marketplace of its kind in the world and one of the biggest hot trends of this decade in terms of internet marketing and money-making opportunities. But success has a price which means that many of the big deals are pretty much played out and you have to go in knowing how to look for the good deals that have yet to be tapped. So a few seriously profitable Clickbank tips can help your profitability in this big marketplace along nicely.


Your Clickbank ID is a central code you must have to put into your link. That is the one step that must happen for money to come your way. But you can be a bit savvy about how you create that ID in the first place. One clever way to keep your ID from broadcasting that you are a Clickbank citizen is to use a more critical ID code. Something like research4u2 or profits2008 and excellent choices. These have the feel of internet business and less of one person out on Clickbank trolling for profits.


Having a website is a great step to maximize your Clickbank listings. By adding links to Clickbank so your website visitors can go there and use the marketplace to buy your products, Clickbank can virtually replace your catalog pages and your shopping cart with a much smoother operation that is easy to keep up to date and that puts your products into a broader affiliate market with no work from you as well.

Keep in mind your niche markets addressed by your site. You might have a wide variety of products out on Clickbank but not all of them fit with the theme of your web site. So if your web site is devoted to musical instruments, focus the way you add links and don’t include links to products that don’t fit there. If you have products that have no home to be promoted on any of your websites, it’s easy enough to set up a new one.


If you are thinking about selecting a product as an affiliate on Clickbank and you want to promote it, you want to know that product is doing well in its home setting so you can capture some of that momentum. So do a little research on the websites that support the products you are thinking about.

It’s easy enough to run some keyword searches and to find the page rank of those web sites. That will give you an idea of the website owner who is behind this product is putting time and money into SEO on the site which would help it generate bigger profits.


Never stop learning how to make your product listings on Clickbank more successful or how to become a successful affiliate. Make it a private study to learn how to spot products that are on the verge of a boom of success. This will take some intuition and some watching the market so you learn where different products, product groups, or categories are going. Like a stock market at any time some products will be surging in sales potential while others are tapering off.


It will take some dedication, creativity, and even some courage to make bold moves to keep on top of your accounts and keep them a profitable week to week. But if you treat your Clickbank management as part of your larger job of becoming successful on the internet, these efforts will pay off.


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Taking Clickbank to the Next Level


The thing that is so great for you when you sign on to be an affiliate in Clickbank is also the thing that can be so frustrating about the marketplace and that is how big it is.

With over 10,000 products available for you to promote, just the task of discovering them all and then selecting and organizing them can be a real challenge. And if you have wrestled with how to get as much Clickbank product in front of your customers and still keep an orderly system you can work with and your customers can use, a little help goes a long way.


As with a lot of marketing needs though, Clickbank has a way to help you kick your management of the huge Clickbank catalog to another level.

The resource they give you is the Clickbank Mall which is a tool you can have for free that is a great way to organize products.

It can also be a huge boost to your sales and profitability as well. There are extra profits to be made using the Clickbank Mall and promoting the Clickbank products using the mall concept.

So this one tool can create various streams of income for you just doing what you already do well, marketing products on Clickbank.


Because you can use the Clickbank Mall concept to organize the better products on Clickbank into understandable categories, you make it a lot easier for your customers to find the things they want to buy through you. The potential for commissions becomes quite lucrative as many Clickbank affiliates have reported up to 75% commissions and the ability to market thousands of Clickbank products because of the organizational power of the Clickbank Mall.


One way that the Clickbank Mall is so profitable is that it can serve as a way to centralize the use of some powerful internet marketing tools that Clickbank makes available.

When you set up a Clickbank marketplace, you can provide webmasters with a free Clickbank search box that will bring customers right to your mall to make purchases.

Then whenever a customer uses that search box, you get a commission on top of your existing Clickbank commission as a direct Clickbank affiliate. It is yet another layer of profitability for you.


On top of these benefits, Clickbank has an advertising mechanism that works much like the Google Adsense approach but it far more profitable because it is targeted at the Clickbank affiliate team and enhancing your profitability, which of course makes them and the merchants on Clickbank more profitable as well.

You can use the Clickbank Ads free and they even better than Adsense because you earn a commission by the sale rather than just by the click so your take per sale is far greater than the tiny amounts pay per click can generate.


The beauty of the Clickbank mall is that once you step through the process of creating your own free mall, it really will become the marketing presence that you can use as your total front end for your affiliate business. In laymen’s terms that means that if you have been looking for a way to make a lot of money through internet marketing using affiliate sales but you don’t want the overhead and fuss of your own web site with all the cost and technical effort that takes, the Clickbank Mall is the perfect solution.

You can of course use your existing web property and expand the marketing value with the search bar and links that will make the Clickbank Mall work virtually as another page of your web site.

But if you have been looking to get into internet marketing in a big way without the burden of a web site, this is the perfect solution for you also.


The Clickbank Mall will generate a fully functional marketplace web site that can provide the front end for your sales and generate large volumes of Clickbank sales but still be presented to your customers as your web site and your marketplace.

When you begin to get moving using this powerful feature of Clickbank, the money-making functions that are still to discover will continue to convince you that this is a great way to go. And the more you exploit this resource, the more money you make for yourself and your partners. That’s why this is such a great tool that Clickbank provides to its affiliates.


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