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The internet offers several avenues of making income. You can easily make money in the comfort of your home by running an affiliate marketing business.

However, just like any other business, it comes with its fair share of requirements. In this article, we will look at what you need to start a successful affiliate marketing venture.

Keep in mind that you will need several things, which, fortunately, we will feature in our discussion.


What is affiliate marketing?

Before delving into what you need, let’s first explore what affiliate marketing is. Affiliate marketing entails promoting other people’s products and earning commission from the sales.

Your work as an affiliate marketer is to present the products to consumers with the aim of making sales.

Affiliate marketing is all about revenue sharing.

It is used by businesses that aim to increase their sales volumes. As an affiliate marketer, all you need to do is find a product that you like and then promote it.

There are a few things that you will need before bringing your venture into life. Let’s take a look at these:


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clickbank You need to identify the right product to push before anything else, and this is where Clickbank comes in. Clickbank is an affiliate network with thousands of digital products such as e-books, videos, and software. Clickbank lists all these products for you to see. It is a legit site that pays well. Even though there are other affiliate networks,

Clickbank still reigns with high remunerations and amazing kickbacks. Here are some of the advantages that you will enjoy as an affiliate with Clickbank:


1) High commissions

I am pretty sure that no other site will give you better commissions than Clickbank. This site pays as high as 70% commission.

You can imagine making a whopping $140 from a $200 sale. This may seem too good to be true, but that is how it is set up.

Keep in mind that most products available in Clickbank are digital, and therefore, there are not as many costs involved.

For example, in a physical good, parties have to accommodate production and shipping costs, which usually narrows the profit margin.


2) Prompt payments

Nobody wants a network that delays its payments. Luckily, Clickbank has mastered the art of quick payment over the years.

You will get your money weekly or bi-weekly, which is an excellent alternative to sites that pay after a straight month. This will come in handy if you are running paid traffic.


3) Beginner-friendly

One of the reasons why people love Clickbank is because it is beginner-friendly. Most of these affiliate networks do not readily accept new affiliates, which locks out several people. Gladly, Clickbank is open to all. You will get all the help that you need to identify the best products for your affiliate marketing venture.

This site is also an international affiliate friendly. They have a direct deposit method that works with Payoneer. You can get paid from all over the world.


4) Variety
You need a variety of products so that you can choose the best ones. Fortunately, Clickbank offers you just this.

You can choose from several digital products and pick the one that impresses you. You can also gauge and select the ones that will enjoy selling.


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Website hosting

You cannot run an affiliate marketing business without a website. The website aims at helping you promote different products of your choice.

However, for a functional website, you will need a website hosting platform. A website hosting platform offers you all the technology you need for your website or web page to be visible on the internet. To break this down, the hosting platform offers you space to a physical server where you can store all your files and data needed for your website’s proper functioning.


How does it work?

Simple. The web hosting provider stores all your data and files. Therefore, when an internet user keys in your domain name in his or her browser, your host will unveil these files in response to the request. This is the reason why you must choose the best hosting platform that will reflect your needs.

There are a few considerations that you should make before settling on a hosting platform. Let us take a look at these.


1) What type of hosting do you need?

There are different types of web hosting services. Therefore, you need first to identify the type of hosting that you need. Take some time and think about the results you are aiming at.

Keep in mind that not all hosting providers can meet your needs. While starting out, I suggest that you settle on shared hosting, which is usually cheap and straightforward.

Remember, at this point, all you need is a high-traffic site and not a dedicated server. However, as your website grows, you should upgrade to a VPS or a dedicated plan for better performance. If you need a high-performance site, dedicated hosting will come in handy. It offers maximum security and resources by giving you an entire server.

You can imagine running your website using your server. Amazing, right?


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2) What site are you building?

The site that you have in mind will influence the web hosting service that you settle on. Remember, specific sites require special features that lack in other hosting plans.

Hosting providers also settle in different fields. While some concentrate on blogging and SEO, some are entirely focused on eCommerce functionality.

I am pretty sure that all you need is a blog. Therefore, settle on a WordPress web host. Keep in mind that WordPress now powers more than one-quarter of the websites you see on the internet, making it an excellent choice. WordPress has a secure content management system that will prove worthy.

Fortunately, all if not most of the hosts have a streamlined one-click WordPress installation feature.

However, make sure that your provider offers you upgraded hardware, unlimited storage and bandwidth, dedicated support and expertise, and pre-installed program.


3) Features and resources

You need to understand the features and resources that you require before choosing a website host provider. One mistake that new customers do is selecting a cheap host provider with several features. If you do not want to fall into this category, look for a provider that offers services that are compatible with your needs.

For your type of website, you should focus on storage and RAM. Luckily, you do not have to worry about this since most shared hosting plans come with unlimited storage.

I am pretty sure that you wouldn’t have had easily reached the limit, even if it was limited. Also, be keen on bandwidth and data transfer since these will affect your site’s performance.

The bandwidth dictates the amount of data that will be downloaded or uploaded from your site. In simple terms, it dictates how fast visitors can access your site and the information contained.

Look out for the uptime rates and reliability of the hosting platform. You don’t want to miss potential customers just because your site was not available at one point.

Therefore, when choosing a hosting platform, make sure that it is pretty reliable.


4) Security

Well, the truth is that you mostly influence your website’s security. However, how a website hosting platform is built can also largely determine your site’s security.

When picking a host, make sure that you do not settle on one that is vulnerable. Ensure that you consider the firewalls, monitoring services, and other security features.


5) Support

Support is key. You do not want to wait for two weeks just to get a problem solved with your website. Therefore, make sure that your hosting provider offers 24/7 support via different channels.

In the same light, make sure that they will offer viable solutions instead of referring you left, right, and center.

The customer service offered by your host providers should always be responsive and willing to assist.

The best way to ascertain whether a site has excellent customer support is to research and look at different users’ reviews.


Keyword finding tool

You need to be fully equipped with a keyword finding tool if you want the best results. This will help you find and research all the terms internet users enter search engines when looking for different products or services. An excellent keyword finding tool will come in handy in search engine optimization, helping you include terms that will rank your website in different search engines.


Fortunately, there are free keyword research tools that will save you costs and improve your site’s efficiency.

Therefore, as you promote the product on your website, make sure that all if not most of the keywords are represented.

You can bet that your website will be recommended if an internet user is looking for a related product.



You can easily start an affiliate marketing business and thrive in it. Just make sure that you identify the best product, get an excellent web hosting provider for your site, and then identify keywords related to the product.


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