What Do You Need to Have a Successful Affiliate Marketing Website


clickbankIf you are an affiliate marketer or a blogger or maybe you sell your own product, we all need a website to sell.
There are lots of options on the internet and to choose the best one first you need to do some research, take your time, and read the reviews and chose the one who fits your needs.
If you want to do affiliate marketing, then you need to find other people’s products to promote.
The easiest way to find products is to go on ClickBank, a lot of people use Clickbank, but nothing stops you to read a review about ClickBank first.

Also, you can go and check other websites with affiliate products like JV Zoo, Warrior+, CJ, Digi Store24, Share a Sale, Max Bounty, etc… there are so many but they can offer different products or types of products ( digital products/physical products).

For some of them, you need to be approved, but for Clickbank, you do not need to be approved you just sign in.
After you find some product to promote you may need to build a website or blog, either way, you need a hosting platform where to build your website.
Most people build a WordPress website on Bluehost or Site Ground, those are great for they give you an SLL certificate for free or security for your website.
You can find hundreds of hosting platforms just read the reviews and choose the best for you.

I use both hosting and I am pleased with both, I use more SiteGround now for my new websites because of the loading speed but the difference is not too big between the two so you decide which is good for you.
You also need a keyword finder or keyword tools, here is another huge topic and plenty of reviews for this, they could be pretty expensive but if you afford it then choose the best one after reading the reviews.

I use the Mangools or KWFinder and honestly, I get the same result as the expensive one, again is your choice.
Its amazing how many words you can find plus words with no competitions for your projects.
After you are all set you to need to choose hot to advertise your offer to promote.


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You can go for organic traffic or paid traffic, the difference between the two is for the paid traffic you can see the result quicker but the profit margins can be lower, or organic traffic but this is for the long run, and also you must be consistent with many posts for the best results.

You can use to share your quality information on some of the websites like Quora, Medium, Reddit, etc… you can find more, and that will generate backlinks to your site, which means traffic and traffic means sales.

For the paid traffic you can use FB ads, Google ads, Solo ads, Bing… and so on.
If you are a beginner first you must watch some videos or you can pay for some courses, just be careful with those Gurus now because many of them will tell you a great story how they become wealthy fast, and they will show you some screenshots with great results ( sometimes you find the same pictures to other “Gurus”) but they will not tell you the full path of the journey and, how they get there, how many failures until they get the results.

Is nothing wrong when you fail, but make sure you do not repeat the same mistake because that will be a decision and not a mistake anymore.
Now is your turn to start doing something for your future, no meter which business you choose to do, make sure you will never ever give up.


Is not easy but you will start to understand how things work and you will learn a lot of stuff, the beauty of this is when you fail you will know how to fix it quickly, and what you know now, no one can take that from you.

To build an internet business is not hard but the result maybe is not quick, but in the long run that can be very profitable and you will not need to work hard like at the beginning, you need just to maintain the website, update with blogposts with affiliate offers on it, as many as you can, and that can be your full-time job.

To be your own Boss is the greatest feeling and then you can have your own successful screenshots to show to others. And you can teach other people to be successful with your knowledge.
You also can create a course about how you become successful and that will be your own digital product. This is the beauty of your knowledge, you learned where was a mistake and teach others to not do it. People appreciate honesty information.

There are people on ClickBank who they are no1 in specific niece for selling the products, or the best-sold product.

Even ClickBank create their own University to teach people how to succeed on ClickBank.
They call it CBU which means Click Bank University, this is the best way to learn Clickbank from Clickbank.

Now do not wait too long, start your business as an affiliate and earn money.


Remember All You Need to Do Is to Start.


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